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If you want to take a more traditional approach to health and wellness, holistic household products may work better for you. Being holistic means having complete mind, body, and spirit involvement to achieve a natural balance that promotes overall health and well being. Thank you for shopping with Healthy Holistic Life.
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And to continue your journey in the Healthyholisticlife, here are some more wonderful choices. Great smelling dryer sheets from Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, like Basil, Lemon Verbena and Lavender. Air Fresh Spritz spray in Lavender. Even dishwasher packets in Basil, and Lemon Verbena. Great house cleaning choices with Mrs. Meyers multi surface cleaner in Basil, Orange Clove. A big refill bottle of 32oz. in Rosemary scent, which by the way, is known to help memory support. Which I think a lot of people of mid to older age could use help with. You know,  those "Senior moments." I know, not a fun subject. Anyway, continuing the Healtyholisticlife way, we also have nice smelling votive candles in Tahitian Vanilla, and Soy candles in Geranium. Feng Shui candles, white tea light candles in cups. Air Therapy Spray Mists in Orange, Spruce, Vanilla and Key Lime. Cube jar Lemon Verbena candle. Even 3B, 3 bag Re-usable Produce Bags, which should last a long time. Really good all purpose house cleaner that have a Sage and Citrus smell. And who would a thunk it, an all Natural Stainless Steel cleaner and polish in one. Yeehaw! Some really great cleaning tools and then when you are done with all that, just light up a nice smelling candle, or spray some of that awesome smelling air freshener around your house. Sit down, and rest a while from all that hard work and enjoy your Healthyholisticlife style a while!!