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If you prefer good health in a natural way, holistic bulk items may be great for you. Complete mind, body, and spirit involvement is what holistic life is all about. Thank you for shopping with Healthy Holistic Life.
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If you are wanting to buy Healthyholistic items in bulk, where you won't run out, then here is your place to shop. We have Aloha Bay Votive candles, in Tahitian Vanilla in a case of 12, , with a burn time of 16 hours. Next we have Mrs. Meyer's Soy candle, Geranium, case of 6-7.2 oz, in a nice glass jar. We also carry India Tulsi Tea Green Tea in 18 count bags. Stress relieving and empowering the immune system. And if you like Coconut water, good deal, we have that too, in a case of 12 /1-liter soft carton. How about Healtyholistic BioNaturae Fruit Nector-Orange/Pear, sounds good doesn't it? We have a great Fruit Spread by Bionaturae and it's Organic Apricot. It comes in a case of 12-9 oz. jars. Next we have Ginger People who have Gingins Chewy Original Travel Packs, case of 24, 1.6oz. And for those who enjoy eating nuts that has protein in it, we have Betty Lou's Protein Plus Nut Butter Balls,Cashew Butter Flavor, case of 12-1.7 oz packets. For folks on a Gluten Free diet, here is Betty Lou's Gluten Free Blueberry Bar, case of 12-2.oz. Betty Lou's Bar-Organic Cacao Acai, case of 12-1.5 oz bars. For those Healthyholistic spice needs, here you go, Badia Spices Saffron -Spanish, case of 12-.4g. Believe it or not, even Hippocrates used this spice Way back then!! We also have Badia Spices Marjoram, case of 12-.5oz. bags, Badia Spices Oregano-Ground case of 12-.5oz bags. We also have Mrs. Meyers hand soap with Lemon Verbena smell.  And for those of you who want to give your four legged family member organic and all natural food, we have Halo dog and cat food. The Halo Salmon cat food is a case of 12-3oz cans, the rest of the dog and cat foods are a case of 12-5.5oz cans.